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I just purchased a little home from MHL, and the process was upfront, quick, and Nancy was the most efficient, honest, and available salesperson I have EVER worked with in ANY industry. Listen, this lady will even text your cell promptly back! As a matter of fact, the experience was so wonderful, I will be purchasing a second home from them in the Fall and maybe even a third next year!!! What I can say is MHL prices BEAT anyone out there for a similar product (cough, cough, you hear me Clayton), and I was also sold a superior building (always do your homework of course). I am recommending anyone and everyone I know to the finest saleslady I have ever worked with. Her service covering all aspects of buying a home (especially for me a first-time buyer) was unsurpassed and most EXCELLENT! She walked me through each step of the way and had MY best interest at heart!! I wish all salespeople were this friendly, available, and hardworking, BUT MOST IMPORTANTLY this HONEST! Thank you for helping me get my very FIRST home, Miss Nancy! :) Go see Nancy, y'all!