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GREAT PLACE and GREAT PRICES! I have bought many mobile homes in my day, and this place has the best prices and service! Nancy is the best; I suggest you go see her for a great deal on a new home. She will treat you right. I have had my house 2 years now and love it! My daughter is buying a home there too. I had some minor issues, and every time I have called Nancy has helped with the manufacturer's warranty. She explained to me that the warranty is with the manufacturer, not with MH Liquidators, but she would help me to obtain it. I believe that to be fair and responsible. The home was $12,000 more at Clayton, and Clayton uses independent contractors also. No mobile home lot has its own trucks - they all use independently owned truck companies. So, if you expect to be treated fairly and not cuddled, then MH Liquidators is for you. You will find the selection cheaper than any price in Tennessee on the same exact home and will be treated with superior customer service! Go see Nancy y’all.